Facilities Management - Maintenance
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Cost-Effective Commercial Building Maintenance

Services Examples

  • General Facility
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
Preventative Maintenance
  • General Facility
  • Health and Safety
  • Lab and Manufacturing Equipment
Operations Support
  • Assembly and Installation
  • Asset Commission / Decomission
  • Adds, Moves, Changes
  • Reception Support
  • Hospitality
  • Shipping/Receiving
  • Mailroom Support
  • Inventory Support
Vendor Coordination
  • Schedule
  • Access
  • Oversee Work
  • Punch List
  • Process Invoice

Using MyFacilityTeam is one of the simplest, cost-effective ways to handle ongoing Facility Maintenance requirements. Businesses receive the advantages of having a fully staffed Facilities Department, without the cost and burden of developing one internally. For some companies, MyFacilityTeam serves as the Facilities Department and for others MyFaciltyTeam is integrated with existing facilities management and staff.

repair of exit sign MyFacilityTeam at work. Click here to view slide show.

MyFacilityTeam provides companies with the ability to review operational requirements and schedule team members with the appropriate skills on a part-time basis, with no long term commitment. With MyFaciltyTeam, team members are assigned and scheduled to an account for continual support. This means MyFaciltyTeam clients enjoy the benefits of affordable and consistent coverage with the flexibility to adjust schedules as business requirements change.

For small businesses with basic repair and preventative maintenance needs a Facilities Technician III can be scheduled for as little as four hours a week. For companies with more complex requirements, multiple positions can be scheduled, along with a Facility Manager. A Facility Inspection and Online Facilities Software are also additional layers offered as part of a complete Facilities Department solution.

How well is your facility being maintained? Find out how to start controlling facilities maintenance costs by contacting MyFacilityTeam to request a free facility maintenance review and proposal.